Tankless Water Heater Problems – Part 2 (Specifics)

Tankless Water Heater Problems – Part 2 (Specifics)

If you have not watched part one yet do that first! 99% of all tankless water heaters issues are installation related. Even some of the ones mentioned in this segment may have been issues from the start but took a couple years to develop into a problem that you could notice. Tankless water heaters should be installed and serviced ONLY by Licensed, insured and properly trained contractors. If you do not wish to pay to have a tankless water heater installed or services by one of these people, you might want to stay with a tank style water heater.

In this segment we will go over some specific things that cause error codes on many brands of gas tankless water heaters and their causes. If you have a professional grade tankless, had it installed correctly and DO NOT have an error code, the problem is with FLOW. Some of that is covered here.

Home Owners: If you are not trained on servicing these machines you should not even remove the cover. Please hire a professional before you hurt yourself or someone else. I am not responsible for the decisions you make regarding your equipment. Proceed at YOUR OWN RISK! This video is for informational purposes only.

For complete tankless water heater information see the Tankless 101 Article and Buyers Guide here: http://www.profitableplumbing.com/tankless101.html