How should I do a basic service on my Navien? | Canada Furnace | 604-210-7771

How should I do a basic service on my Navien? | Canada Furnace | 604-210-7771

Navien On Demand hot water heaters are truly terrific devices, but like all machines require some periodic maintenance. After many years of installing and maintaining these units, the technicians at Canada Furnace have discovered one thing that is by far the greatest cause of breakdowns. These units breathe air, not unlike a high efficiency furnace and in the same fashion contain an air filter. The filter is a steel mesh washable unit which, if not cleaned from time to time (a 3 month window should be sufficient) can plug up to the point that the Navien unit will shut itself down (Help, I can’t breathe). Removing and cleaning the filter is relatively easy and being able to do so can save you some considerable service “call out” dollars.

The only tool you will require is a Philips Head screwdriver and perhaps a light source if the unit isn’t in a well lit location.

The multi talented Alicia will walk you through the procedure which goes like this:

Remove 4 screws which hold on the front cover — one at each corner.
Locate the switch and turn the unit off.
On some of the newer models there are four screws on the top outside of the unit, one of which interferes with the removal of the filter; remove it.
Locate the one brass colored cap screw located at the front of the white plastic filter assembly.
Carefully slide the filter assembly out, being careful of the wires just underneath the assembly.
Take it to the sink and wash it thoroughly, making sure that it is completely dry when you are finished.
Carefully slide to filter back into the small groove which holds it in place and replace the screw.
Turn the unit back on.
Replace the cover and the four fasteners.

Now you can go and have a hot bath, do the laundry and wash the dishes and if you’re as capable as Alicia you can do them all at the same time.

Putting the customer first is just part of the overall philosophy at Canada Furnace and if we can help you save you some money through illustrating the application of some simple servicing techniques, we consider that a win win.


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