WhirlPool Gas Water Heater Model#ND50T122-403

WhirlPool Gas Water Heater Model#ND50T122-403

This is My Brand New WhirlPool Gas Water heater Model#ND50T122-403, Works Great No Complaints. We Installed it in our Old House built 1949, And we Still have to Put a expansion tank on it.

Update, Jan 20,2014 : Still working Good, Needed a new Flue and Works Excellent, I have it maxed out on temp, We have a anti scold valve on our tub. Were looking into other anti scold valves since we have little kids. I am looking into installing a SharkBite Tank booster on the water heater.I’am removing old plumbing, the plumbing I’am putting in right now is new 3/4″ sharkbite pex and push to fit Sharkbite Fittings.

Update, April 16,2014 : Still No problems yet, I did want to mention I did replace some of the black gas pipe with a longer 1/2″ flex gas line, I’m almost finished with my plumbing and So far I still have some nice Hot water. Im also Going to drain the tank completely and refill it, Im just waiting since my local town has a lawn watering credit and lowers my bill, I’m going to do it then. Also we did turn down the burner to setting B, Was plenty hot. I like to keep the tank at least 140F-145F to fight off chances of legionella.

Update, August 22,2014 : BASEMENT FLOODED. Well We Lost the Water Heater in a Basement flood,Bought a new water heater, and I’m going to basically Gut this one and remove all the electronics Put a Recirculation pump on and use it with my new one I’ll have about 90 gallons of Hot water.