Water heater proper Gas assembly at control valve

Water heater proper Gas assembly at control valve

And what we like to do before we install any gas water heater

We like to preassemble the gas line and cut off on at the control valve

And what I just showed you was a few black Iron pipe nipples with different sizes

And with any gas line that has treaded pipe

You want to make sure you out pipe compound on each connection

And here were putting on the ½ black iron pipe tee

And when we turn the fitting here we put it in an angle so that we don’t have to turn it back

Here we have little more turn

But before we make that last and final turn

Were going to install the drip leg some people call it a dirt leg

And the purpose of the drip leg is to catch any trash or condensation in the line

So that it does not get caught up into the gas control valve

With the drip leg it will pass up the opening to the gas control valve

And prevent it from getting caught up in the gas control valve

And the drip leg is just a 6″ black iron pipe nipple with a cap on one end

And now we can make the full turn that’s were we want it right there

And this is just a short nipple were going to put here

And with that nipple were gong to install the black iron pipe union

And the purpose of the union is in case you ever have to replace the water heater

You can just take it apart right here with out breaking down the hole system

And remember always put the union before the gas cut off valve

The water your hearing in the back ground is the old water heater draining out

And here you see were install our gas ball valve

See how the ball valve operates

This is the type if gas valve you want to use

And this here is what we call preassembling the gas line for the water heater