Water Heater Expansion Tank Installation – Watts 4.5 Gallon

Water Heater Expansion Tank Installation – Watts 4.5 Gallon

I’m not a plumber, just a homeowner like you. Replacing your water heater expansion tank is essential for long life of your water heater and appliances. It relieves fluctuating pressures, preventing water hammer (that ‘clunking’ sound you hear in the pipes when you shut off your water faucets).

VERY IMPORTANT! You will see other videos that show the tank installed horizontally. This is INCORRECT and I’m amazed that even professional plumbers have instructional videos showing to install them this way. Install yours ONLY vertical (as I show in this video) if you want it to work properly. This comes direct from the manufacturer.

This is an easy install and requires just a wrench, water pressure gauge, tire pressure gauge, teflon pipe tape or pipe dope and a about 25 minutes.

If you want to be mean-spirited and critical of my video, then make your own. If you want to be constructive and helpful, then let me know your thoughts and share with others what you know.

Thanks for watching and remember, don’t pay for things you know you can do yourself. Teach yourself to save money when you can, and know when to call a professional when you are weary of doing it yourself.

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