water heater cut off valve installed new

water heater cut off valve installed new

And now, Gong was to put the cut to the water heater by

Most costs will be off an arrow telling you how the flow of water has to go

And remember to cut the valve is not going on the cold side

And you only need one cut valve water heater

And do not forget to wipe and additional flow around the fitting

As you see us do here

By doing this, it helps the look of connecting Nice finish

Now during the welding of a valve on the copper pipe to the fire Purpose Valve

This prevents you from burning the discs inside the valve

You notice the summer, we organize the fire
Let me put it back here

And we try to keep away from the middle part of the valve of the self

Do not keep the heat on the valve long

This will also cause you to damage the washer inside the valve

In fact, you do not usually done this on one of the copper one also

It will be the heat pipe