Installation of Gas Tankless Water Heater (Portable 5L)

Installation of Gas Tankless Water Heater (Portable 5L)

Installation video of Marey Gas tankless water heater. This video is an instructional video that gives you insight how to install tankless water heaters correctly. The units comes with specific instructions which should be used for the installation.

Installation of:
– Marey Gas Portable 5L tankless water heater

Marey Heater Corp. is a manufacturer/ distributor of tankless water heaters. The company has been dedicated to tankless water heaters since it’s foundation 1955. Marey has a wide range of products, from one point of use water heaters to whole house water heating solutions.

Tankless water heaters, also called as on demand or instantaneous water heaters, uses water only when needed which can reduce the energy consumption up to 60%. Marey tankless water heaters are high quality energy efficient products that increases substantially homes energy efficiency.