Titan-Tankless-WaterHeaterHot water is an essential part of our modern day life, and therefore many more plumbing companies are getting into the game and providing the equipment that is needed for installing hot water heaters and also maintaining them. In Chicago, the need for hot water systems are increasing, which has resulted in plumbing companies needing to invest more into the profitable hot water system industry.

As one of the region’s leading plumbing companies, we have always taken on the responsibility of providing our customers with all the information that they need to know that pertains to plumbing services. WH-PlumberCrew is fully committed to making sure that every one of our customers is provided with the most up-to-date information on any matter that arises that concerns their water system. We will mainly be addressing the important issues that our customers face when it comes to their hot water systems in this article.

Tips For Installing A Hot Water Heater

Previously our customers have faced challenges when it comes to deciding which kind of hot water heater system should be installed in their homes. These are the kinds of challenges that have inspired us to write this article. Hopefully by the time you finish reading it, all of your questions will have been answered. We will be taking a close look at the various kinds of hot water heater systems currently available in addition to the installation procedures for them.

HotWaterTank-PhotoThat is because we know that some homeowners prefer to do their own installation instead of hiring a professional plumber. The information that we are offering here will also provide curious homeowners with information who are only wanting to know more about the various kinds of hot water systems along with the procedures that need to be followed to install them. After all, knowledge is power.

Basically there are two kinds of hot water heaters: tankless and tank. A tankless hot water heater system heats the water when it is needed. Hot water is not stored. On the other hand, a tank hot water heater system does have a tank for storing hot water. The benefits provided by a tankless hot water system far outweighs the ones offered by a tank hot water heater system.

The two kinds of hot water heater system may be either electric-based or gas-based. In the past, most people preferred gas hot water systems because they were relatively inexpensive to operate. However, in recent years, electric based systems have become more popular than gas-based systems due to the reduction in electricity costs and the increase in gas prices. Today the two systems are comparable, which means the choice between these two types is more dictated by the preferences of the homeowner. Let’s go into more detail on both of these two systems.

Installing a Gas Water Heater

As noted previously, gas water heater systems have become quite common, although electric ones are becoming more popular. A gas water heater system can either be tank or tankless. When it comes to energy utilization, a tankless system is more cost-effective since water is only heated on demand when it is actually needed.

Tank systems have higher operating costs since the water that is stored inside the tank must be heated periodically even when there is no need for hot water. Gas water heater system must be replaced when a leak is discovered in the pipes that carry the water (both cold and hot), or in the pipes that carry the gas or tank when a tank system is being used.

A new gas water heater system will cost from $150 to around $400. Plumbing services will cost around $400. Below is the procedure for how to install a gas water heater.

– Make sure you shut the water and gas off. You can turn off the gas going to the water heater by turning the shut off valve that is nearby a quarter turn.

– Drain the water from the tank. To drain the water out of the tank, attach a garden hose to the system’s drain valve.

– Cut the water lines off by unscrewing the vent pipe on the hood. Place it to the side.

– Next the relief valves need to be attached. Wrap the the threads of the temperature valve and pressure relief with three turns using Teflon tape.

– Next attach the pipe assemblies and then the water lines according to the instructions.

– The vent now needs to be reattached. Make sure it is tightly shoved over the hood and also anchored.

– Use two wrenches to attach the gas lines.

– After you are finished, be sure to check for any signs of leaks or back drafting. You can check for leaks by making sure no bubbles are forming at any connections. If any leaks are discovered they need to be tightened and sealed.

– The final step is to follow the manufacturer’s instruction to light the pilot light.

Installing An Electric Water Heater

Now we will cover how to install an electric hot water heater. The procedure is very similar to the one we just discussed above for gas hot water heaters. An electric hot water heater may be either tank or tankless also. Which one you choose will depend on what your preferences are since the operating costs are fairly similar.

Follow this procedure:

– Turn the power supply off on the water heat from the distribution point or main electrical panel.

– Completely drain the water heater

– All electrical wires need to be disconnected from their screw terminals, particularly the ones underneath the access panel. If you are lacking in electrical installation skills, you can hire an electrician to help you.

– Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to wire the system.

– Double check the instruction and pay close attention to the circuit breaker or fuse rating. Make sure that the rating of the circuit breaker or fuse is sufficient for handling your new hot water heater system.

– Make sure there aren’t any naked wires. Inspect your work closely and use an appropriate insulation material for the cables.

To conclude, the above basic procedures are what you need for replacing your old hot water heater system and installing a new one. Although the above procedures may seem straightforward, they actually are quite complex, and at times the best thing to do is to hire a professional to do the job for you.

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